Plan Ahead Design and Drafting Services.  New homes, renovations and extensions, commercial developments, building conversions. Eastern Suburbs Sydney.
Plan Ahead Designs deliver architectural plans, structural designs and builders specifications to streamline council development applications (DA’s) simplify project management and ensure your new building or renovation creates your ideal home or place of business.
Plan Ahead Design and Drafting Services.  New homes, renovations and extensions, commercial developments, building conversions. Eastern Suburbs Sydney.
Selected by discerning Sydney residents, enlightened developers, structural engineers and select Australian Architects, Plan Ahead Designs’ drafting services deliver digital sketches, scaled architectural diagrams, high quality building plans and animated 3D computer models that present a clear picture of residential, commercial and heritage developments.
Having successfully completed over 1000 projects Plan Ahead Designs have expertise in local authority zoning and development codes, building legislation, heritage protection guidelines and engineering requirements for new builds additions and alterations.

New Homes

So you’ve found your ideal block of land, now its time to plan ahead to make the most of its aspect and outlook. The new home you move into should enrich your current and projected lifestyle, whether accommodating a growing family or establishing your tranquil retirement sanctuary. Your new home need not conform to rigid convention, its primary role is to give you pleasure and provide space you can live within and call your very own. Consulting Plan Ahead Designs will allow you to understand and incorporate the latest building options, materials and techniques so your new home will be everything you dreamed it could be, and remain in every sense your most significant physical asset.

Renovations and Extensions

Whether you have just bought a new home or have lived in your house for many years, at some time we all desire to improve or expand it to better serve our family’s needs. A ground floor extension or the addition of a second storey can add so much more than extra space. Instead of paying stamp duty, a renovation or extension invests your capitol to add value to your existing home. Plan Ahead Designs can introduce you to the many alternative ways you can improve your home, increasing its monitory value whilst refurbishing interior finishes, remodelling outdated floor plans or just renovating one or two rooms. Best of all you can remain in the neighbourhood you love with the friends and familiar facilities you have grown to rely upon.

Commercial Developments

Retail space, commercial offices and industrial building design is afforded the same meticulous attention to purpose as any of Plan Ahead Designs’ residential developments. From office fit-outs that make optimum use of your existing premises, green field shopping centres, inviting food outlets to entertainment venues or prestigious professional consulting rooms, planning ahead guarantees you the best possible results. Practical, affordable construction plus modern materials ensure that your enterprise’s business objectives are met and your company’s profile reflected within a safe and productive working environment.

Building Conversions

Converting established structures to accommodate a new purpose has seen many pre-existing commercial properties and run down industrial areas architecturally revitalised as desirable urban residential precincts and shopping complexes, or has bestowed new value as remodelled cultural centres or prized community amenities. The efficient use of each structure’s internal layout is as important as making the best of the original building’s facade and architectural features. Plan Ahead Designs’ conversions meld the traditional and contemporary to help breath new life into your next building conversion.

Waverley Design and Heritage Awards

Plan Ahead Designs contributed two entries into the Waverley Design and Heritage Awards for 2014.

Planning Ahead

As the name suggests, your Plan Ahead Design is the first and most influential start to your development. Simply discussing your needs and aspirations is the initial stage in a Plan Ahead Designs’ procedure that ensures you remain informed, confident and comfortable during every part of the process. Starting with architectural concept sketches through to the development’s application and build, Plan Ahead Designs will resolve any questions and can manage your project to its conclusion. Plan Ahead Designs’ contract drafting services are in high demand from consulting engineers, residential and commercial developers in addition to astute Sydney architects.
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Every new home’s principal role is to give pleasure and provide you with a unique, functional and enjoyable space to live, work, entertain and thrive within. Whether you are accommodating a growing young family, or establishing a tranquil sanctuary for your retirement, its design should substantially enrich your current and projected lifestyle.

Focused on your aspirations, lifestyle and priorities.

Plan Ahead Design and Drafting Services.  New homes, renovations and extensions, commercial developments, building conversions. Eastern Suburbs Sydney.
Image shows computer generated photo montage of a site situated in Coogee.